Tips For Writing Articles – Keyword in the Title, a Must?

The title is an important component of an article. Think of it as a mini advertisement to grab people’s attention so they actually click or read your article. The best article won’t do any good unless it could also make people read it.

Coming up with good article titles are both an art and science. There have been some researches around this topic but still you can’t be sure every time which of your titles are going to pull the most.

Perhaps the chances will get better every time as you gain experience about which titles are going to grab your readers attention immediately but even until then there are no ways you can ensure this with absolute certainty unless you test.

The first rule to write prospect-pulling titles is keyword placement. Keywords are important part of online visibility. Let me elaborate.
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Web content, especially in text and image format, are crawled by search engine robots and indexed in their database.

Keywords are what people use to search on the search engines. If your web page or article has the keyword that the search users enter into the engine, the search engine will display the page in the listing. The ranking depends highly on many different factors though.

Properly researching the right keyword for your article is important. During article writing, you sprinkle the keywords in different places in the article. You may keep the keyword in mind without forcing it into the article. It will automatically gets into your writings naturally though.

One of the most important places where search engines look for the occurrences of keywords are in the title. Now you know why the title have to include the keyword. When search engines find the keyword in the article, they will also highlight the keyword in bold, making the article title stands out even more.

There are times when I bend this rule though. For instance, if I want to test the impact of placing numbers or call to action immediately in the title. This should be exceptions though. Perhaps the best way to describe this is by giving a real example.

“5 Steps to Optimize Your Pages for Search Engines”

It may sound like a great and compelling article, but you can improve it by actually rewriting it to:

“Search Engine Optimization Tips: 5 Step to Optimize Your Web Pages”

The latter may be “ugly,” but sometimes necessary in article marketing.

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