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What You Should Know About Postcard Printing

Prior to jumping on the bandwagon that says “postcard printing is the all time finest marketing tool”, it is important that you know what postcard printing is all about. There are actually four basic aspects of postcard printing that you need to know and these are the postcard size, paper stock, design file types and coatings. Each of these aspects of postcard printing has their important role to operate in order to ensure that you get the best quality postcards ever.

The postcard size doesn’t necessarily mean that there would be only one standard size to suit all sizes of postcards.
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It is because various sizes requires for different postcard printing equipments in fact a slight transformation in the size of the postcard may have an adverse effect on its price. And so, in order not to be shocked by printing prices afterwards it is smart to get first printing quotes. This way you will be guided on just how much your postcards will costs. Likewise, certainly not hesitate to ask your postcard printing company on the postcard size that work best on their equipment.

There are two aspects of paper stock you need to be aware of. Paper stocks can either be glossy or matte. If you desire to have your postcards printed in full color you will then be made to choose between a CS2 stock and a C1S share. CS2 stock has a gloss finish off on both sides while the C1S share has a gloss finish on only one side and its other side using a matte finished. Between these two shares the C1S was the most commonly used since the ink used in postcard printing doesn’t dry up on the high shine part of the paper stock so they led to printing on the matte side of the stock.

But that was a long time ago, currently there are already inks that quickly dries on glossy stocks. The glossy stocks are far cheaper than the semi-gloss stocks and exude very much character on them that’s why it is a much better choice for postcards.

In terms of the style file formats, it is important that you request your postcard printing company the kind they are accepting. Although, there are printing companies that accepts various file formats however there are still some that makes use of only limited types of software program and file format in their design development. And what these companies often do is that they would try to convert your postcard design file into the format that is accepted by their postcard printing devices. However , there may be some problems that might be encountered during the file conversion. One of the common problems faced involves font defaults and text loss to make sure that no such error occur it is important that your postcard project undergo proofing before finally submitting your postcard design for printing. Or even better, you may try to save your design document in a PDF format. This way you will have very minimal conversion and manipulation that have to be done in your style file.

The finishing is as essential as the first couple of steps in postcard printing. There are two types of postcard finishing or coating and these are ULTRAVIOLET coating and Aqueous coating. The particular UV coating provides the postcard with that shiny look and feel. Especially applicable with regard to color images which you may want accentuated. Its drawbacks are in terms of its susceptibility to finger print scars and smears.

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