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Things You Should Look For in a Hostel

Considering that about the 90% of all people during their college years actually travel booking hostels, the offer is very broad and you can get confused and lose track of what is that separates the best places to stay from the regular ones.

You probably have already read the reviews and check the prices for the hostels in the city you’re traveling to, but there are a few things that you should always keep in mind when selecting where you’re going to stay on your next trip.

Here we have assemble a simple list with the top 10 things you can use as a guide to find a hostel that suits your needs, and though is not bulletproof, it can get you very close to what you might be expecting.

A good location

And by this, it doesn’t mean that it has to be right next to the train station or airport you’re arriving to, or in the middle of a central area, just somewhere where you can get to those places in less than 10 minutes on any kind of transportation, metro/bus. Use the 20 kilometers rule; if it’s farther than that distance from a central area, find someplace else to stay because otherwise you’ll be spending a lot of time and money traveling there all the time. Always look at the map to find the location of the hostel you’re reviewing, all the good booking sites have that available. You beloved this posting and you would like to receive extra details regarding ubytovna Praha kindly pay a visit to our site.

Linens included

Always look for places that include a full set of linens in the price of your stay (pillowcase included) and blankets, if possible. Consider that some places can get very chilly and you most certainly will need a blanket, and those can get very expensive, if hired per night. Some places can charge up to 5 eur a night for a simple blanket. Not to mention all the extra space you can use to pack more clothes if you don’t have to carry your linens with you. Also, it would be great if the towels are also included in the price, and there are many hostels that offer this full service.


This is a big plus you should always look for, because you’re going to have to leave your things back at the hostel when you go sightseeing or out at night. Some hostels offer big lockers where you can store your whole backpack, while others might give you some small lockers just to store your documentation papers. Though the best option is the first one, the crucial issue is to provide a safe place for you to store your passport and other important documents. Remember, clothes you can replace, papers is going to take a lot of time and effort with the embassy to reissue.

Breakfast included

This is a service you’ll find at any decent hostel. Usually the standard breakfast includes cereal, toasts, coffee, and fruit juices; and can sometimes also include some pastries, fruits and tes. Some hostels give their guests vouchers for some nearby caffe. You don’t have to take advantage of the complimentary breakfast every morning, but it can help you save some money.

No curfew

Certainly not every hostel has its own bar, and even though, you may still want to go outside to a restaurant or a nightclub or just to wander the city at night. It’s important to stay at a hostel that allows you to come back at whatever time you want, without the risk of being locked outside.

Laundry room

This is a very convenient service to have at a hostel. Some hostels offer the valet service, where the hostel staff take care of the task for you, while others just provide you with the facilities for you to wash your own clothes. Either way is fine, you just need a place to take care of your dirty clothes without having to go outside with a bag full of it to try to find and open launderette. The best places to look for are equipped with both, washer and dryer. Though it seems redundant, some hostels don’t offer both

A common room

Most people who stay at hostels like to meet and mingle with other guests, and not every hostel has its own bar, so the best way to meet new people it’s at the common rooms. Look for places that have at least one decent size common room, preferably with a pool table and/or foosball table and a big screen TV with some movies to watch. Some hostels offer a wide variety of dvd movies to pick from.

Kitchen facilities

The main point of staying at a hostel is to save some money on your accommodations, so staying in for lunch or dinner is a great way to save extra money. Hostels that offer a full kitchen where you can cook your own meals are the best option. For sure, you’re not going to take all of your meal in, but it can help your budget to have that available. Some hostels offer free dry pasta, rice, and other food that can come very handy.

24 hours reception

This is a very useful service, specially if you’re not arriving at regular hours, or if you plan to go out at night and don’t want to rely on having to take the key to the hostel with you, which is not recommended to begin with. It’s nice to know that there will always be someone there to assist you no matter what time it is. Also, a friendly staff is also a plus in any situation or hostel you book. You can find this tip on the review for each hostel on any good hostel booking page.

Access to internet

This is a must have for any hostel. Most of your information, places to see, prices, locations, you’re going to get from the internet, not to mention communicating with your loved ones at home, so you need to have a reliable internet connection on your hostel. Ideally, free wifi and laptops is the best option, because you can also access from your smartphone, but some hostels offer desktop computers connected that can also be very useful.

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