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We, at Nilsson Hearing Center, believe in a world where those with hearing loss (and their loved ones) can live a life unhindered by the obstacles, misperceptions, and handicap that were once associated with hearing loss and the use of technologically advanced hearing devices.

At Nilsson Hearing Center, our providers and staff empower people to stay actively-engaged and connected to their world by providing life-enhancement services that solve the struggles of the hearing impaired.

Our offerings include FREE Baseline Hearing Health Evaluations, our Comprehensive Hearing Therapy Programs, Personalized Auditory Counseling, and the most advanced natural-sounding frequency-specific amplification the market has available.

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Meet our Staff

Mark W. Nilsson, B.S., BC-HIS

Mark Mug St. George Hearing Aid Specialists
  • Nationally Board-Certified
  • Hearing Instrument Specialist

Mark W. Nilsson is a Nationally Board-Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist that has been serving individuals of Southern Utah who struggle to hear and/or understand for over 29 years. As owner and the only specialist at Nilsson Hearing Center for the first 27 years, Mark has a personal relationship with each and every patient. Mark not only helps the hearing impaired of the community, but he is also hearing impaired and has found a great benefit from wearing Oticon Agil Pro hearing instruments and spending countless hours using Nilsson’s Unique Listening Enhancement Program to further improve his understanding in noisy situations. Mark firmly believes that it is his job to inform and educate the community and his patients about hearing loss, hearing devices, and the correlation to cognitive functioning. Mark takes great pride in focussing his attention on our Unique Listening Enhancement Program and Auditory Counseling services that have given him an additional 40% improvement in understanding.


Eric W. Nilsson, B.S., BC-HIS

Eric Mug St. George Hearing Aid Specialists
  • Nationally Board-Certified
  • Hearing Instrument Specialist

Eric W. Nilsson is a Nationally Board-Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist and has been working with the patients of Nilsson Hearing Center for over 3 years now. Although his direct contact with patients has only been 3 years, he has been a part of the family business his entire life. Eric spent his first 3 years as an intern, intensely studying for and passing multiple state licensing requirements before passing his National Board-Certification in 2011. Eric not only helps the hearing impaired on a daily basis, but he has experienced first hand (via his father’s hearing loss) the detrimental impact hearing loss can play within the family dynamic.


Our History
 St. George Hearing Aid Specialists

Founded in 1982 by Mark and Robyn Nilsson, the Nilsson Hearing Center has been located in St. George for over 29 years and we have no plans of leaving the area. In fact, we have recently added a second generation to our family-run business with the addition of our son Eric who has chosen a career in hearing healthcare.  We would like to thank our current patients for their trust and respect over the last 29 years. We truly consider each and every one of you a part of our family.

Mark W. Nilsson, a Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist, managed to single-handedly serve thousands of patients with the utmost care and compassion for the first 27 years. Our continual growth, which can be attributed in-part to great patients such as yourselves, has made it necessary for Nilsson Hearing Center to expand.  In 2008, after graduating from Southern Utah University with a Bachelor of Science degree and completing a very successful collegiate golf career (including qualifying and participating in the 2005 U.S. Amateur at Marion Golf Club in Pennsylvania), we hired Eric W. Nilsson as a full-time Hearing Instrument Specialist.  Eric’s contribution to the business and to the lives of our patients has been tremendous since 2008; so much so, that in the Fall of 2010 we expanded our current location to include a second office solely for Eric and the additional business that he will bring in.

As both Eric and Mark’s time is now consumed solely with patient care, and with Robyn’s desire to spend time with her seven grandchildren (including two sets of identical twins), Nilsson Hearing Center hired a full-time Director of Business Operations in the Fall of 2010 to manage the ever-quickening growth, increasing patient base, and the daily operations of the business.  The addition of this position has been everything we had hoped for and has allowed the business to properly care for, and manage the needs of our current patients and the continual influx of those seeking help with hearing loss, tinnitus (ringing ears), and hearing rehabilitation through the implementation of our Unique Listening Enhancement Program.

Nilsson Hearing Center currently has one location within the Red Cliffs Mall (1770 Red Cliffs Dr) in St. George, Utah. This location is a centralized location allowing the specialists at Nilsson Hearing Center to serve the hearing healthcare needs of people within a large geographic region; including, but not limited to:

0591 St. George Hearing Aid Specialists
  • • St. George, Utah
  • • Mesquite, Nevada
  • • Cedar City, Utah
  • • Washington, Utah
  • • Hurricane, Utah
  • • Page, Arizona
  • • Lincoln County, Nevada
  • • Richfield, Utah
  • • Santa Clara, Utah
  • • Beaver Dam, Arizona
  • • Other outlying areas of Southern Utah and Southern Nevada.

Arguably the largest Hearing Healthcare provider in Southern Utah, and in our opinion the most service-oriented St. George Hearing aid specialists, Nilsson Hearing Center is in the midst of a transformational growth spurt that began in 2010.   Not to worry, we have made a pledge to our patients that we will not allow our growth to impact the level of Service, Support, and Care that they have become accustomed to over the last 29 years.  Our growth and expansion will allow us to serve our current friends, family, and patients even better and enable us to provide Comprehensive Hearing Healthcare to even more members of our wonderful community. Nilsson Hearing Center incorporates the latest in diagnostic hearing technology, a caring staff, and the latest in Hearing Aid technology from a variety of manufacturers to better serve the hearing impaired community.