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Comprehensive Approach

FREE FOR ALL: No-Obligation or Purchase Necessary

For 29 years Nilsson Hearing Clinic has established itself as the premier service-oriented hearing healthcare provider of Southern Utah by providing excellent service, support, and follow-up care to every patient that purchased a hearing device. In August of 2010, Nilsson Hearing Center announced its plans to fully integrate its “Because We Care” mentality with the rich tradition of providing exceptional service; Comprehensive Hearing Healthcare was born.

The decision to provide Comprehensive Hearing Healthcare Services, free of charge, to everyone in the community was a conscious decision made by the Nilsson Family. After careful consideration of the cost and time-constraints involved, Mark and Eric decided that providing Comprehensive Hearing Healthcare to all residents would be a wonderful way to give back to a community that has been so great to their family for over 29 years. Please feel free to schedule a time to begin taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

Nilsson’s Comprehensive Hearing Healthcare Includes Lifetime:

  • Hearing Device Batteries & Filters
  • Service, Support & Information
  • Hearing Evaluations & Consultations
  • Programming & Adjustments
  • All Makes In-House Repairs
  • Risk-Free 1-Week Trial
  • 75 Day Money-Back Return Policy

Because We Care