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Hearing Solutions

Hearing Aid Solutions


hearing aidHear more anywhere, anytime, with the ultimate performance of Alta. By “ultimate,” we mean the most advanced hearing technology Oticon has ever designed.


hearing aidOticon Intiga is the new super tiny, ultra sleek, high-performance hearing device from Oticon.


hearing aidA revolutionary new hearing device that helps you understand more with less effort. Discover a whole new world of better hearing.


hearing aidAll Together Better Hearing For You. Oticon Acto is the new high performance mid market hearing device with many advantages of the RISE 2 platform including the popular miniRITE style.


hearing aidOticon Ino is the new entry-level hearing solution from Oticon. With Ino, you can experience the benefits of some of the very latest advances in hearing care technology


hearing aidIntroducing our most powerful, sophisticated, and smallest Super Power 13 battery BTE ever!


Lyric hearing aidLyric® Hearing Aids are a hassle-free, 100% invisible hearing solution!

Bluetooth Remote Accessories


hearing aidOticon’s Streamer is a Bluetooth device that serves as a gateway between your hearing instruments and electronic devices such as phones or external audio sources.

Streamer Pro

Streamer Pro provides an interface with wireless inputs from landline and cell phones, TV, and ConnectLine Microphone.

Cell Phone

Incoming calls are answered with the simple press of a button on Streamer Pro—the caller’s voice is streamed to the hearing instruments, providing the convenience of a hands-free headset.

Landline Phone

Phone Adapter 2.0 makes it easier to talk and listen with clarity and ease on your existing (analog) landline home phone.

Digital Office Phone

Phone conversation at work is essential for many individuals. With the ConnectLine office phone kit, Streamer Pro connects with many digital office phones for even greater phone access.


hearing aidThe most complete and easiest to use system available today. Connecting to TV’s, cell phones and landline phones is as easy as pressing a button.

Manufacturers We Work With

Nilsson Hearing Clinic, in conjunction with our patients, has found Oticon products to provide the most improvement for those suffering from hearing loss. We believe the products listed below provide the best improvement for persons with hearing loss. We not only recommend this manufacturer, but Mark Nilsson himself believes in it so strongly that he has been wearing the Oticon product-line for over 5 years. However, we understand that people may have the desire to purchase a different brand of hearing instrument. As an independent retailer we have the ability to obtain product from a wide-variety of hearing instrument manufacturers. Listed below are some the brands that we are able to obtain for your benefit.