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Today’s hearing aid solutions restore hearing ability through the combination of years of scientific research, innovative technological advancements, and stunning design attributes that make hearing aids a symbol of style and empowerment rather than the big beige clunkers of the past. Nilsson Hearing Clinics, with over 34 years of personal research and patient success stories, carries only the most advanced hearing devices currently available. Oticon, Widex, Lyric, and Phonak hearing solutions will allow us to restore hearing in almost all patients who walk through our doors seeking improved speech understanding and a boost in clarity or volume.

These hearing aid brands come in sleek styles that solve nearly every hearing challenge. We choose these devices because they are engineered to deliver optimal performance specific to your unique hearing needs and lifestyle; remember, your hearing needs are as unique as your fingerprint. Please choose your preferred style below to learn more about the superior options we provide to our patients:

Hearing Aid Solutions

Receiver-In-The-Ear Hearing Aids

Types of hearing loss vary from person to person, but the repercussions can be devastating,even with varying degrees of hearing loss. That’s why finding the hearing aid that works bestfor your individual hearing loss is so important.

Here is a look at how hearing aids work and the benefits of the designRITE and miniRITEmodels, which means Receiver-In-The-Ear (RITE) or Receiver-In-The-Canal (RIC).


The designRITE model by Oticon is a behind-the-ear model that is so stylish it has receivedinternational design awards. Its compact size is made for a precise fit on top of the ear. Toconnect with the component in your ear, it has a fine, thin wire that is virtually invisible.The unit is available in a range of colors. You have the choice of matching your skin tone andhair color, or selecting one of several fashionable colors.

It has a remote control and FM compatibility. You get excellent sound quality with thedirectional microphone. It has a music program specifically for musical sounds to improveyour listening experience. It is simple to coordinate the settings of your hearing aids using thesynchronization feature.


The miniRITE is one of the tiniest hearing aids available. It is made with the advanced miniFitreceiver and dome, which enhances the sound quality. With the miniRITE, you get lessfeedback. The small size makes them comfortable and flexible to wear.

This unit uses push button controls and has a binaural volume control. It is FM compatibleand has remote control. It uses a directional microphone for better sound quality and has amusic program to improve the sound quality of the music you hear. The synchronizationfunction makes it easy to coordinate settings between your hearing aids.

Comfortable and stylish, both the designRITE and the miniRITE from Oticon have the mostadvanced features available to help you overcome hearing loss.

minirite in hand
RITE in ear

Invisible In the Canal

Oticon’s ultra-compact Invisible In the Canal (IIC) are completely hidden in the ear canal. This hearing aid, which features binaural scene processing, was the first ever IIC to feature wireless technology. Oticon’s IICs are Streamer and smartphone compatible.

The pricing on Oticon’s new IIC instruments has gone down allowing those that suffer from hearing loss to get all the benefits of invisible hearing aids. Outstanding performance, wind and weather protection, venting for high wear comfort, access to wireless communication and entertainment options, and available with an optional remote control, you’ll really want to try Oticon’s IIC hearing aids.