Brain and Auditory Training

Sharpen your brain’s auditory system, visual system, and visual processing with these three products.


auditory Brain and Auditory Training


Think Faster, Focus Better, Remember More

The Brain Fitness Program is clinically proven, award-winning software for a sharper brain resulting in a 10+ year improvement in memory and an increase in processing speed of 131%.

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driving Brain and Auditory Training


Stay Safe on the Road with a Faster, Sharper Brain

When you’re behind the wheel, your brain is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment. DriveSharp brain fitness software is clinically proven to make people safer drivers. It includes the three visual processing exercises from our InSight visual processing program that are most important for driving.

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insight Brain and Auditory Training


Focus Better, Notice More, React Quicker

The InSight brain fitness software targets visual processing—how efficiently your brain takes in and reacts to what you see. InSight speeds up and sharpens visual processing so you can focus better, notice more, and react quicker. It’s a fun, highly effective brain training program you can use alone or pair with the original Brain Fitness Program.

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