Cori McClellan cori mcclellan "From the very start Nilsson took great care of me. The staff and doctors were very thorough in testing all aspects of my hearing. Thank you for helping me, once again, experience all the awesome sounds most people take for granted.' - Cori McClellan Elated Patient Read More
Dick Nourse "After several experiences, I know know what better hearing and comprehensive treatment is all about." - Dick Nourse Retired News Anchor KSL Channel 5 TV Read More
Dr. Sharon Richens Dr. Sharon Richens "I know what it's like to miss out, to be constantly asking 'what...?' and to be dismissed as not quite 'with it' because I didn't hear it. Needless to say I was once again hearing everything much more clearly. - Dr. Sharon Richens Board Certified Opthalmologist Read More
Joyce Peterson joyce peterson "I just purchased my second pair of devices after 5 years. This new technology gives me the same experience as when I was younger and could hear multiple voices in a crowded room." - Joyce Peterson Elated Patient Read More
Richard Watts richard watts "I just didn't realize how much hearing I had lost over the years that I have now been given back. These new devices are inside my ear and I don't have to worry about misplacing them." - Richard Watts Watts Construction Sand Towne Plaza Contractor Read More
Patricia Shepard patricia shepard "Nilsson Hearing goes over and above simple testing rituals and I feel like a family member when I come into the office." - Patricia Shepard Elated Patient Read More
Don Marchant Don Marchant "With the help of Justin and Valorea, at the Cedar City office, I found some instruments that improved my hearing substantially..." Read More
Dave Brader At 56 years old, I was constantly being told by my family that I needed to get help with my hearing. I knew my hearing was fine, it was just that they were so loud... Read More
Jim Godfrey Jim has hearing loss and Terrie’s not shy about letting him know it. She suffers too! Says Terrie, “What a let-down when I have to repeat myself, ruining a perfectly romantic moment. I said “You’re so cute!” and Jim replied “What? Why... Read More
Joe White I have been around construction most of my life. As a young boy I worked with my Dad in construction. I continued to work in construction as a young adult and later made a switch in careers and became a firefighter. Like most firefighters I worked two jobs... Read More
John Graff It’s been about seven years since John Graff first walked through the Nilsson Hearing Clinic door in St. George. He had been going to another local company for his hearing and hearing aid needs, but spotted an advertisement and... Read More
Tom Wheeler When a childhood illness left Tom Wheeler with nerve damage to his ear, he was resigned to dealing with what became 90% hearing loss as he grew up. Eleven years ago, Tom happened upon Nilsson Hearing Clinics by chance, and he’s been with us... Read More
Mary Ann Halford When Mary Ann retired from the Military she headed south to Southern Utah 27 years ago to enjoy the mild winters and warm climate. She loves St George and the small town atmosphere. “There is always something to do and cultural activities that... Read More
Mark W. Nilsson People often ask me, “Mark, Why do you wear the Oticon Agil when you have the opportunity to wear any product on the market?” I would like to reply to that question in this section and convey my deepest commitment to the Oticon product-line by... Read More
Marsha Jenson Marsha has had a good life—a life of horseback rides in the mountains, time spent with her husband of 40 years, Randy, and adventures with family and friends—but it hasn’t been a life free of trouble. In fact, Marsha is a two-time cancer survivor, and without... Read More
Dan McArthur “My wife has been telling me for years that I can’t hear; that I am missing half the conversation and that I couldn’t hear her when she talks with me. I would say, “It’s because you are on the other side of the car and that’s my bad side....” Read More