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Purpose & History

St. George Audiology and Hearing Aid Specialists

For over 33 years, Nilsson Hearing Clinics has believed in the ideal of a world where those with diminished hearing (and their loved ones) could live a life unhindered by the obstacles, misperceptions, and diminished lifestyle that were once associated with decreased hearing ability.

Nilsson Hearing Clinics, our audiologists and staff, empower people on a daily basis to stay active-engaged and connected to their community by providing life-enhancement services that solve the struggles of those affected by diminished hearing ability.

In order to fulfill our mission of ‘Empowering Active-Aging’ our hearing clinics offer FREE Clinical Hearing Evaluations, Comprehensive Treatment Protocols, Personalized Auditory and Brain Stimulation, and the most advanced, natural-sounding frequency-specific amplification devices the world has to offer. Our hearing aid solutions range from invisible to behind-the-ear and include the proprietary BrainHearing™ Technology that makes hearing speech details possible once again.

Our History

Founded in 1982 as Nilsson Hearing Center by Mark W. Nilsson, Nilsson Hearing Center operated as a one-office location for 30 years until his son Eric W. Nilsson, BC-HIS, joined the family-run business and opened our second location in Richfield, Utah. Eric’s vision to fundamentally improve the quality of hearing care in Southern Utah drove him to take over the company in 2014, and transform Nilsson Hearing Center into Nilsson Hearing Clinics, and yet again expand the company’s service offerings to Cedar City, Utah.

Eric W. Nilsson

“We have people come in who have been isolated from their friends and family for years. Some have had bad experiences, and others don’t even realize how isolated they are until we open the door for them. Restoring and improving hearing can have a total 180-degree effect on their lives. We’ve had some clients cry tears of joy in the office because they are so happy to once again feel that connection with their world. It’s an incredibly fulfilling feeling for our staff.

Of course, there are always some challenges along the way. We try so hard here, so on those rare occasions when we’re not able to quite reach a patient’s hearing goals and give them overall completeness, it can be a hard pill to swallow. There are only so many things we can do to help patients get around the barriers, but we will do whatever we can (and then some) to try and help.

That mission inspires us to keep on growing. Our goal is to reach as many people looking for help as possible, and to help them reach the happiness they’ve been searching for. All of that passion for excellence comes along with the best full-time service offices in Utah. Without that level of service and care, the growth we have been experiencing wouldn’t be worth it.” -Eric W. Nilsson

As the longest-tenured hearing care office in Southern Utah, Nilsson Hearing Clinics is proud to have successfully treated thousands of residents across the state of Utah during the last 34 years. We look forward to welcoming you into any of our three offices which feature the most kind and caring staff members, revolutionary diagnostic and treatment capabilities, and an healthcare experience like you have never had the opportunity to enjoy.