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Famous People With Hearing Loss

Published under Hearing Loss on 11/24/2015

Historical Figures   Helen Keller Author, political activist, lecturer, and the first deafblind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree.   Ludwig van Beethoven Composer and pianist with world renowned works and considered one of the greatest composers of all time.   Thomas Edison Businessman and inventor who contributed to the advances of electrical power, motion pictures, sound recording, Continue Reading »

Experience Nilsson Hearing Clinics – New Video

Published under News on 11/23/2015

Our philosophy is a comprehensive approach, and what you’ll see throughout our facility and throughout our providers is that it’s not just come in and buy a hearing aid. It’s come in, let’s diagnose your situation, find out what your particular needs are, and then personalize a treatment plan to you. We have 3 doctors of audiology, and their combined Continue Reading »

What Causes Hearing Loss?

Published under Hearing Loss on 11/20/2015

There are a number of reasons that people start to lose their hearing. Some are preventable while others simply are not. But what are some of those things that cause hearing loss? Knowledge is key to avoid any preventable hearing loss. While there are many things that can cause hearing loss, here is a list of some common ones. Exposure Continue Reading »

Dick Nourse: Emcee of the Huntsman World Senior Games

Published under News on 10/15/2015

Richard “Dick” Nourse is a local broadcasting legend – Utah’s Walter Cronkite. As anchor of KSL-TV for over forty years, he was seen nightly on weekdays by tens of thousands of Utahans and neighboring states that carry KSL until retiring in 2007. Dick’s talents as a broadcaster helped propel KSL to first place in the news ratings for decades and Continue Reading »

Nilsson at the Huntsman World Senior Games

Published under News on 10/09/2015

Nilsson Hearing Clinics is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of the 29th Huntsman World Senior Games, the largest annual multi-sport event in the world for athletes age 50 and above. Inspiration, sportsmanship, and incredible achievement abounds as more than 10,500 participants compete in over 40 events which run from October 5th – 17th right here in St. George and Continue Reading »