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Listening Fatigue: The Real Problem Going Untreated

Published under Hearing Loss on 08/13/2015

Hearing loss is more than difficultly understanding speech and hearing sound. It also makes you extremely tired; listening takes a lot of effort and energy. People with normal hearing don’t really think about the fact that listening can be fatiguing and frustrating. The Better Hearing Institute estimates that societal costs of untreated hearing loss result in $56 billion wasted per Continue Reading »

Nilsson Hearing Clinics announced: Official Silver Medal Sponsor for the Huntsman World Senior Games

Published under News on 07/31/2015

The HUNTSMAN WORLD SENIOR GAMES began in 1987 as the World Senior Games, an international senior sports competition. Founded by Daisy and John H. Morgan, Jr., the Games began with their vision of an international sports event for men and women ages 55 and better (The second year of the Games the age requirement was reduced from age 55 to Continue Reading »

Choosing an Audiologist

Published under Audiology,Hearing Aids,Hearing Loss on 07/14/2015

Hearing properly empowers us and can provide some of the most enriching experiences life has to offer. Hearing properly allows us to interact and communicate with others, especially our friends and families. It also can provide us with safety and even comfort. However, it is estimated that every one out of five Americans, over the age of 12, suffer from Continue Reading »

Boost Your Hearing Instrument Clarity For Free

Published under News on 07/03/2015

At Nilsson’s, we utilize new state-of-the-art Live Speech Mapping Equipment. This new technology allows us to customize your hearing devices to your specific hearing needs. Get the details below and call us to schedule an appointment!

Comedian & Author Kathy Buckley Coming to Washington City

Published under News on 07/02/2015

Gifted comedian, accomplished author, award-winning actress, and renowned speaker Kathy Buckley is a true inspiration. She has appeared on The Tonight Show, Good Morning America, and Entertainment Tonight. Kathy was featured in People magazine as of the most touching stories in 1997. What makes her accomplishments even more impressive is that Kathy is hearing impaired. Kathy is coming to Washington Continue Reading »